Browser War

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I hate when people talk ’bout browser war! There’s no browser war! The only browser related carnage out there is Opera raping everyone else! There’s no war there! War requires opposition, and Opera has none.

Just for the hell of it, I typed Opera vs. Firefox to see what Google would blurt out. And it gave me this ( So what the hell is this?! An age old article that misses the point is what it is. And every time I read about this “browser war” I get some similar garbage. It say here: “I decided to see how the new version of the popular commercial browser compares…”. So I ask, why didn’t you?! If you had actually seen the new version before writing, you would probably realize it is no longer commercial. It’s free. Yes, Opera is free. For 4 fuckin’ years! And I still keep seeing bullshit like: “I’m using Firefox because it’s free. Who would pay for a browser?” I don’t know, maybe a fool who doen’t bother to check if what he’s saying makes any bleedin’ sense. Sense is overrated, eh?

Or maybe I should cut this guy some slack. Maybe he was just trying to say Opera is commercial in a meaning it actually has a market value! Unlike that other crap you get when you search for a web browser…

And another nonsense Firefox fans love to tell is: ”It’s not about features! It’s about customizability!” (or even worse “Opera is the anti-Firefox. It’s all about features, features, features. That’s so Nineties!” as, to my amazement, I get to read on PC World) . I look at them stupified for a good couple of moments after this every single time. Then I go like: “If it’s not about features why do you constanly play catch-up with Opera trying to copy it’s every single function, since the very moment of your inception?!”. And Opera lets you customize anything, from shortcuts to menus, positions etc. It doesn’t have such a nice collection of skins though. Hmmm… wait, could it be THAT is what they’re talking about?! They like it nice and shiney… and useless! Fuckin’ hippies. And hey, Firefox is 2Kb smaller! In your face Opera bloaters! And guess what, Firefoxs lets you install 150megs of third-party unsupported unsecure extensions that will let you do ALMOST eveything that Opera does by default in a supported and secure way! What do you have to say to that! You surely see now why Firefox is so superior! And your precious mouse gestures, we have them too! Yeah, right, you do. The only difference being that Firefox will treat that down-right gesture as an important act every once in a while, because NOOOO down-mildly-curved-right is not a down-right you retard! I’ll quote Robin Williams on this: “It’s like a leopard giving you a facial – it doesn’t really work”.

And, my very most favorite for the end… Their utterly imbecile campain… You FINALLY have an alternative to IE! Really? You mean it? Oh my, I was too blind too realize that I’ve been using IE discuised as Opera for 10 fuckin’ years! Is that what you’re sayin’?

…and they call that a war… God damn! Even if we ever wanted a war we would have no one to go to war with!

  1. Hibou57 says:

    What a pitty for the language you use is this topic. While most of what you say is true. Except the end….. I’m saying hello to you from Opera 9.5, which works very nice one your blog.

    Have a nice day

  2. worldhate says:

    Heh, I figure there’ll be people who don’t like my language, but it seems logical to articulate hate by letting it “pollute” the words themselves.

    And oh, the comments are fine, but try writing an atricle and you’ll understand my indignation with Opera 9.50.

    I’m glad Opera took action and corrected most of the bugs promptly. WordPress works fine now.

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