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I fuckin’ hate nationalities! It’s an unnatural, baleful and irrational way to group and divide people. It might be logical for rats, but not people to be organized by the accident of birth instead of something that actaully has a meaning in the people’s world. Like interest, or brain capacity.
I keep hearing things… idiotic things like “The contestant from Montenegro has won because the whole nation voted for him. They back each other up, that is how a nation should behave.” Ummm… NO! Buy all the unnamed gods of the abyss, that is definitely not how a nation should behave! That is a way a pack of rats should behave. People should be able to think and base their choices on reason rather than on the imaginery boundaries set up by the poloticians we all agreed to despise. Is it really that hard to perceive that your own can just happen NOT to be the best at something? How your country just happens NOT to be the gloriuos birthplace of heroes? Isn’t it kinda obvious that choosing your own instead of the most competent individual is tragically wrong? Dumb? Even harmful? And that it serves only to that particular individual but is counter-productive to everyone else in every concivable way? That it is an exellent way to display your profane inability to think?
But wait… it garners public approval and, above all, it is PATRIOTIC!
Well yes, it is fuckin’ patriotic and it just reminds me how I despise patriotism to the level of intoxication! I can’t come up with anything that thoroughly evil and malign as patriotism!Though I have to give it credit for doing such a great job at shielding the masses from too much thought. We ‘re all familiar with the havoc that too much thinking can wreak upon an untrained mind, aren’t we? Well fuck that, cause my finely attuned brain can just no longer stand it! I am simply slightly less mentally challenged than it is required to be able to love every dried-up load of crap just because it belongs to my oh-so-glorious nation.
I’ll quote Einstein here (who once again proves to be an intelligent fellow): “This plague-spot of civilization ought to be abolished with all possible speed. Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism — how passionately I hate them!”

Patriotism is a persistent obstacle in evolution’s weary stumble and it is crippling the very foundation of logic that keeps a brain-equipped unit going… But what is mere logic in the face of patriotism?! Well… nothing it seems…
But, realizing the amentia of patriotism requires seeing the big picture, thinking out of the box (a box labeled “Nation” in this case)… and how do you explain THAT to a cretin unable to see he’s IN the fuckin’ box in the first place!

So there… I am a pox-ridden bastard that dares to hate his fellow man if that’s what he deserves. Soooo unpatriotic. Anathema on me.


Browser War

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I hate when people talk ’bout browser war! There’s no browser war! The only browser related carnage out there is Opera raping everyone else! There’s no war there! War requires opposition, and Opera has none.

Just for the hell of it, I typed Opera vs. Firefox to see what Google would blurt out. And it gave me this (http://www.linux.com/feature/44843). So what the hell is this?! An age old article that misses the point is what it is. And every time I read about this “browser war” I get some similar garbage. It say here: “I decided to see how the new version of the popular commercial browser compares…”. So I ask, why didn’t you?! If you had actually seen the new version before writing, you would probably realize it is no longer commercial. It’s free. Yes, Opera is free. For 4 fuckin’ years! And I still keep seeing bullshit like: “I’m using Firefox because it’s free. Who would pay for a browser?” I don’t know, maybe a fool who doen’t bother to check if what he’s saying makes any bleedin’ sense. Sense is overrated, eh?

Or maybe I should cut this guy some slack. Maybe he was just trying to say Opera is commercial in a meaning it actually has a market value! Unlike that other crap you get when you search for a web browser…

And another nonsense Firefox fans love to tell is: ”It’s not about features! It’s about customizability!” (or even worse “Opera is the anti-Firefox. It’s all about features, features, features. That’s so Nineties!” as, to my amazement, I get to read on PC World) . I look at them stupified for a good couple of moments after this every single time. Then I go like: “If it’s not about features why do you constanly play catch-up with Opera trying to copy it’s every single function, since the very moment of your inception?!”. And Opera lets you customize anything, from shortcuts to menus, positions etc. It doesn’t have such a nice collection of skins though. Hmmm… wait, could it be THAT is what they’re talking about?! They like it nice and shiney… and useless! Fuckin’ hippies. And hey, Firefox is 2Kb smaller! In your face Opera bloaters! And guess what, Firefoxs lets you install 150megs of third-party unsupported unsecure extensions that will let you do ALMOST eveything that Opera does by default in a supported and secure way! What do you have to say to that! You surely see now why Firefox is so superior! And your precious mouse gestures, we have them too! Yeah, right, you do. The only difference being that Firefox will treat that down-right gesture as an important act every once in a while, because NOOOO down-mildly-curved-right is not a down-right you retard! I’ll quote Robin Williams on this: “It’s like a leopard giving you a facial – it doesn’t really work”.

And, my very most favorite for the end… Their utterly imbecile campain… You FINALLY have an alternative to IE! Really? You mean it? Oh my, I was too blind too realize that I’ve been using IE discuised as Opera for 10 fuckin’ years! Is that what you’re sayin’?

…and they call that a war… God damn! Even if we ever wanted a war we would have no one to go to war with!